Caring for Aging Parents

My own experience with caring for aging parents has been an extremely personal one.  My mother, with whom I was very close, died only a few years ago from the cruel combination of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.   She lived with one of my brothers for many years before we moved her to an assisted living facility.  I was in a different state for the last years of her decline but in regular contact. I spoke to her weekly and visited often.  The final year her speech was non-existent or incoherent.  The emotional pain was at times overwhelming.  But she never gave up and my admiration helped me cope with the sense of loss and frustration. Over much of the last five years my role in caring for aging parents was as the leader of my team at a retirement community.   It is a very hands on job.   The intimacy of caring for parents who are aging whether directly or with staff, family and consultants is very real and very demanding.  I know.

Caring for aging parents, whether long distance, or as a daily provider is one of life’s great challenges.  Even under the best of circumstances it is difficult particularly from an emotional standpoint.  Under less than ideal circumstances, family fracture, undue influence, abuse and even outright financial exploitation occur.  The initial decision to be a family caregiver or reconsideration of a prior commitment to be responsible for caring for aging parents is a weighty one.  Savvy Aging can help you evaluate these choices as well as options and the consequences of each in a way that is respectful, knowledgeable and effective.

With a unique, diverse background as a long term care provider, senior care expert, attorney, mediator and realtor Mr. Epstein is adept at helping seniors and their children evaluate what is their best path and then steering them to other reliable resources. A special screening and referral option includes a “deep” review of up to two assisted living or skilled nursing facilities which the family has narrowed their search to.