Senior Care Consultants

Senior care consultants, elder care consultants, geriatric care managers, and senior coaches are all different titles for the various consultants in the senior care field.  No matter what their title, you need to carefully review their credentials, including education and experience as well as appropriate licensure, certification, and/or accreditation. Be wary of the fact that certain websites create the impression they have all the answers about aging or caring for one’s parents. However, a closer look reveals incomplete lists of paying advertisers, one size fits all advice, or unidentified customer service representatives whose qualifications are not listed.

I have personally encountered promising senior care company websites only to discover their founders do have some business experience, but little or none in the healthcare industry let alone senior care.  Thankfully, many providers and advisors in this field are excellent.  Those are the ones we will screen and refer you to in order to better meet your  needs. Savvy Aging can help you to be a savvier consumer.

Savvy Aging’s philosophy is to focus on process as much as substance in creating a game plan.  In addition, we only provide professionally and carefully screened advisors and providers. Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., a well renowned age wave theorist, concluded from his studies that the:

“Ideal Legacy Advisor is 1/3 lawyer, ¼ financial advisor, 1/5 accountant and 1/5 therapist/spiritual advisor.”

A timely Wall Street Journal article featured  a pre-eminent lawyer who offered the following advice regarding resolution of disputes among heirs:

“I think the more-rounded any mediator is, the more likely he or she is to put to use their knowledge of people’s psyches, to take into account all the sensitivities of the families involved, not just the economics or the law.  Perhaps a psychiatrist would make the best mediator.”

Whether you call me your senior care consultant, your Savvy Aging guide, or just Barry, you have the benefit of my deep and diverse experience on a personal and professional level dealing with complex challenges in the aging arena.  Just call or email  for a free initial consultation and then decide if I can be of service. You will be glad you did.