Senior Care Solutions

Senior care or elder care solutions often seem as elusive as the Holy Grail or as intimidating as the Minotaur in the maze from Greek mythology.  It need not be so.  The first step in your journey will be to simply acknowledge you need a guide through the aging maze and contact us.  Just as every problem has a solution, there are senior care solutions to for whatever concerns you about an aging parent.  The biggest hurdle is to simply get started.  You are at the right place.

Savvy Aging begins the solution process with three 50 minutes family facilitations, whether in person, by video conference or by phone.  Ideally these will include the affected seniors and their primarily involved adult children, if any.  My role as a facilitator will vary depending upon the facts and issues at hand, the family dynamics and your degree of trust and cooperation with me.  I may need to shift focus between issue identification, relationship building, problem solving, education or coaching as needed.  Through this process we will co-create a customized action plan or Guided Plan for Seniors (GPS) designed to guide you through the aging maze. This GPS will also include 2 requested or recommended referrals to each category of select professional providers or consultants as needed. (e.g. Trust & Estate or Elder lawyers, geriatric care manager, gerontologist, certified financial planner, etc.).  Screened referrals to care facilities are handled separately.

Savvy Aging is also available for consultation or for a family facilitation or mediation upon referral or in conjunction with other professional advice you already receive.  Our business model is collaborative in nature with our approach and advice intended to complement the efforts of other consultants.  In summary, our services to achieve senior care solutions are:

  • Package of 3 fifty minute family facilitations; written GPS and screened referrals to up to two types of professionals;
  • Family facilitations or mediations (half or full day);
  • Evaluation of two senior care facilities(“deep” screening);
  • Consulting
  • Seminars

When we refer to ourselves as your guide through the aging maze we invite you to take advantage of the difference between a senior guide as a book with static information and me as concierge consultant providing customized feedback and strategic guidance.