Navigating the Aging Maze in a Savvy Way


Mr. Epstein’s research and substantial experience led to the realization that the  largest challenge facing families caring for elderly parents is the lack of timely and effective “legacy plan” discussions. Inertia and confusion are understandable given the legal, financial, health, housing, family psychodynamics and other complex issues which make aging a difficult and challenging “maze.”  Directly caring for elderly parents in their homes is a frequently underestimated burden.

Navigating the aging maze in a savvy way requires help and from many different people. It is not one stop shopping and Savvy Aging does not pretend, like many other websites, to do so. However, it should be your first stop. Why? Because aging like life is complex, unpredictable, and not always what we expect or hope for but it is still critical to have a plan. Not a plan for death or dying, but instead a plan for life. A plan for transferring values as much as valuables. A plan to gift wisdom as much as wealth. Anticipating illness and infirmity must be part of this legacy discussion. When people do not talk about their legacy plans and take steps to implement it, Fate intervenes and things happen when you are least prepared. It becomes decision-making by default. Sadly, the consequences are often tragic and I have seen it too many times to count.

Savvy Aging exists to help seniors and their families talk about important issues, identify the biggest challenges and make plans to deal with them, including who they need help from. Empowering families is about facilitation, strategic problem solving and identifying other trusted resources. I am a professional problem solver. While I cannot make your journey through the aging maze easy, I can make it easier.

More importantly, I can help make it savvy.