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Savvy Aging partners with financial advisors to complement their client financial, tax and fiduciary services.

Affluent individuals may have more options, but working through the emotional and practical aspects of aging and long term care involves much more than money. Caring for an elderly parent or responding to situations involving loss of capacity, physical or mental, touch us all. Studies shows two thirds of seniors will need some form of long term care and that Alzheimer’s is the disease considered most frightening. Tough choices include whether an adult child should leave work to enable caring for an elderly parent; whether a lonely parent should stay at home or move to an assisted living facility; at what point do safety risks outweigh loyalty in the case of a spouse caring for their partner with Alzheimer’s and so on.

caring for an elderly parent

Wealth managers have choices too. Most do not focus on the tough issues of caring for an elderly parent that Savvy Aging helps families tackle head on. Financial advisors struggle with these highly complex non-financial issues.  A wise alternative to helping your clients with retirement planning is to collaborate with the experts at Savvy Aging. By recognizing and effectively addressing the non-financial aspects of retirement, financial service firms expand their range of competency and model character by acknowledging more and different expertise is needed to fulfill their clients’ retirement strategy objectives. This process builds trust and in turn, client loyalty. Savvy Aging’s collaborative approach includes senior care service analysis, staff training, outsourced long term care provider screening and concierge client interventions. The emerging industry standard in financial planning and wealth management now includes paying attention to the kind of issues Savvy Aging was created to address. The 2013 Merrill Lynch Retirement study conducted by the leading age wave theorist concludes that after core finances, the issues families most need and want help with are “sorting through health care and long term care options.”

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