Services - Consulting

“savvy” adj.: having or showing perception, comprehension, or shrewdness especially in practical matters

At its core, Savvy Aging is a senior care consultant with broad perspective.  It is not a law firm but has substantial legal expertise.  It is not a placement agency but understands how to evaluate providers and generally what level or type of care is needed.  It is not a care manager but can advise how and when to utilize them.

Guiding families on long term care and housing options is part of the role of a senior care consultant.  We recommend a sensible strategy  to address legacy plans.  Thoughtful dialogue occurs on sensitive topics of aging and we  facilitate smart choices from an intelligent and insightful review of the current situation, what options exist, and how to achieve desired results that are in the client’s best interest.  Even if family facilitation’s do not initially involve the impacted parent or family member, our process ensures that their interests will be considered paramount.

“Barry Epstein is one of my role models in life. He is so professional as well as personable… When the time comes for my parents, I will totally be getting in touch with Barry for words of wisdom.” Read more…

Since Savvy Aging is focused on strategic planning and family facilitation, we are uniquely positioned to be free of any financial interest in what a senior and/or the family ultimately decides to do. Our services in this respect can be compared to a mediator who is paid regardless of whether the parties reach an agreement so that his/her judgment is not affected by financial interests or pressures.

Savvy Aging purposely does not seek to be your lawyer, therapist, health care provider, financial advisor, insurance agent or real estate listing agent. Instead, our deep understanding of the unique interplay of all these roles enables us as your senior care consulate how to best utilize other professionals.  This includes screened referrals.  We factor in these interwoven concerns as your guide through the aging maze.  What in turn guides us are integrity, insight, experience and empathy while we create Guided Plans for Seniors (GPS).