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Guided Plans for Seniors (GPS)

The logo of a maze for Savvy Aging was chosen for good reason.  As an elder care guide I understand that for many seniors and their adult children, they   not only feel  lost in a maze, they actually are.

In Greek mythology the maze or labyrinth was the creation of King Minos of Crete.  It is a fitting metaphor for our fears and confusion about aging.  So how did Theseus survive being cast into the labyrinth?  He relied on his own resources but also accepted help in the form of a rope which allowed Theseus to retrace his path back out of the maze.

And so it is today – the combination of your family’s efforts and of Savvy Aging as your elder care guide  will enable you to successfully navigate the aging maze.  Based upon the discussions and agreements reached during our family facilitations we draft your customized Guided Plan for Seniors or GPS.  It will summarize the current circumstances, highlight the topics addressed, identify agreed upon action steps and list screened referrals to select professionals and long term care providers as needed (see page on Screened Referrals).

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