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Savvy Aging Reliable Referrals

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Aging in a savvy manner requires good judgment, reliable information, practicality, effective communication and cooperation within a family.  It would be a rare situation for one elder care advisor to be able to provide all of a senior’s needed advice or care.

Because of this foundation, Savvy Aging is unlike other competitive offerings because we do not replace any current or future caregiver or elder care advisor.  Our unique perspective and expertise complements all services that may be used.  If you are working with lawyers, financial advisors, geriatric care managers, home health care agencies and others serving seniors, there are times when things are not going as planned or a family is just “stuck.”  This is exactly the reason to consider Savvy Aging as an ally to provide consultation and/or family facilitation.

If you need a reliable referral to a professional or a senior housing/care facility we can help with that as well.  Screened referrals to professionals and long term care providers is based upon an evaluation of expertise from traditional sources without any compensation received from the recommended parties, except in the case of our real estate agent referrals(see Savvy Aging Realty). Typically two alternatives will be provided.

Although this screening and referral process is not intended as a formal promise or endorsement about the services of others, it will save valuable time and effort while increasing the likelihood of a good “match” with competent resources. We believe this approach offers families guidance without sacrificing freedom of choice.  It is also preferable to websites that only provide massive lists of professionals or providers with no indication of screening or the relationship with the host website.  The decision whether to retain the services of a consultant or provider is both a right and a responsibility.   It is part of being empowered.  Savvy Aging suggests that this judgment be made only after a family interview and evaluation.

In summary, screened referrals are available for the following:

  • Elder law attorneys
  • Trust and estate attorneys
  • Certified Financial Planners
  • Geriatric Care Managers
  • Gerontologists
  • Home health agencies
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Independent living senior communities
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)
  • Skilled nursing facilities