Services - Seminars

Often the best measure of how well a professional understands a given topic is whether they can teach it effectively.

During my career, I have had the privilege and pleasure of creating and delivering nearly 100 seminars across the country typically related to issues of aging. My topics were typically in the fields of health care law and compliance, employment law and management practices. Attendees were executives, managers and direct caregivers in the long term care field. National presentations have been for the Assisted Living Federation of American and the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management. Related professional publications can be found on my LinkedIn page.

Sample Seminars:

  • “Navigating the Aging Maze”.  Presentation at the Denver Senior Law Day sponsored by the Denver Bar Association, July 27 2013
  • “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Estate and Family Planners”.  Presentation for the Purposeful Planning Institute national podcast, April, 2013
  • “How to Earn a Client for Life – Helping Families Plan for and Implement Retirement Strategies”.  Presentation for the West River Estate & Financial Council, May, 2012
  • Inspirational Speaker for the Annual Conference of the South Dakota Assisted Living Association, October 2007 and October 2009
  • “Key Liability Risks and How to Avoid Them.” Presentation for The Fall National Conference of the Assisted Living Association of America (ALFA), Washington, D.C., October 21-23, 2001.
  • “Personnel Management as Effective Risk Management.”  Presentation for the Annual Convention of the American Society for Health Care Risk Management, Atlanta, GA, October 27, 1997.


Below are some examples of what others have said about my speaking engagements on issues of aging and related matters.


“…members consistently rate him as one of the most informative and interesting presenters we use…and he has earned…respect…for his expertise and knowledge on a variety of complex issues.”
Health Care Assoc. Director of Education
“Barry’s positive spirit and knowledge energized the group and helped empower…Integrity, preparation and energy characterize Barry Epstein’s efforts, always. I highly commend Barry’s services.”
Director of Management Development
“As a public speaker, Barry was highly sought after because of his ability to educate, to motivate and to stimulate his audiences. He is effective in communicating with a wide variety of audiences-professional, lay and a combination of both (often the most difficult). Barry’s preparation is faultless and yet his delivery is spontaneous and engaging. I do not hesitate to recommend Barry as a speaker who can combine content with emotional appeal and humor.”
Alzheimer’s Association Executive Director
“Your energy, thoroughness, polish, preparation, and skill combine to make you a very effective educator.”
Health Care Assoc. Executive Director
“Mr. Epstein possesses a vast amount of knowledge regarding…labor and employment law. He is able to communicate very effectively and build rapport with a group. We intend to schedule future workshops and seminars with Barry to meet the continuing education needs of our membership.”
Health Care Assoc. Director of Education
“Excellent use of time. Very overwhelming topics brought down to manageable levels. Great icebreaker I can use for my mom and myself to discuss the painful and distressing topics. Mr Epstein did a superb job.”
Attendee of Denver Senior Law Day
“Barry Epstein captures the essence of an age old dilemma. Gave us tools to navigate.”
Attendee of Denver Senior Law Day

I am available for select training and educational programs for the health care, legal, insurance and financial advisory sectors upon request.