Barry Epstein is one of my role models in life. He is so professional as well as personable. He has offered so many alternatives to problems I have presented to him. I would trust him and his advice in any situation. When the time comes for my parents, I will totally be getting in touch with Barry for words of wisdom.
Michelle V. (former co-worker)
“Mr. Epstein is a brilliant teacher as well as a forceful public speaker.  I recommend him highly to any group who wishes to be engaged by a forceful and compelling presenter.”
Graduate Dept. Chair, Naropa Inst. Program in Long Term Care Administration
“Barry Epstein is a very gifted advocate and supremely skilled defender.”
John H., Opposing legal counsel
“I find that he has wonderful analytical and organizational skills, but particularly has a remarkable ability to explain complicated issues in concise and understandable terms.”
Randy G., Health Care Loss Control Executive

“My family has had the privilege of working with Barry Epstein for several years.  My father … E. Clay was a partner of [             ] Retirement Community.  Barry was the Executive Director. In 2012 my parents moved to [         ] Retirement Community.  In Barry’s role as the Executive Director he provide wise counsel to our family as they transitioned to assisted living. Our family frequently contacted Barry about their health status and services provided.  He has always been generous with his time and provided helpful suggestions.  Barry is an experienced business manager, compassionate provider of elder care, selects and trains good staff and has an excellent reputation for fostering community partnerships.  When my father died in the fall of 2012 his support of my mother and our family was greatly appreciated. Our family encourages you to consider Savvy Aging.  He brings his considerable elder care management skills and compassion for seniors and their families to this service.”

Bobbi C. K. (daughter of retirement community residents)

“… suddenly my 95-year-old Mother experienced the death of her only son and her significant other, I was alone in having to make some dreaded decisions.  She had a morbid fear of ending up in a nursing home and hoped to spend her last years with my husband and I.

…  After 2 years, it became apparent Mom needed a higher level of care. But because she was unwilling to even explore that option, an overwhelming sense of guilt paralyzed me.  I had no siblings with whom to share the burden of such a decision.

A retirement home had recently opened in our town, but I’d avoided the dreaded visit.  Eventually, I forced myself to set up an appointment with the Director, Barry Epstein, to explore our options.  It would turn out to be the best decision I could have made.

As soon as I met Barry Epstein, my mood lightened.  He welcomed me warmly. After closely listening to my situation, I was convinced he totally understood the complexity of my circumstance.  He was able to sort out all the issues; anticipate the progression of her needs; detail how the facility would be able to meet them and coordinate with other health agencies, if needed.  Given Mom’s personality, he was certain her quality of life would improve with her move to the retirement home.  I felt totally reassured and relieved.  Now the hard part was convincing Mom.

I hardened myself and flatly told Mom I’d arranged for a … meeting with the Director, Barry Epstein….  In their face to face meeting, she immediately sensed his compassion and understanding of her fears and needs.  He outlined a detailed plan of care that she felt comfortable with; one that would enhance her quality of life.  She never looked back and after a 2 year residence at the home, and after transitioning from independent to assisted living, died there at age 99, entirely satisfied with the attentive and compassionate care she had received.  Her greatest fear, the nursing home, was avoided.   Barry’s care plan promises were all fulfilled.”

Barbara S. (daughter of retirement community resident)
“When my father decided to go into assisted living, my family was relieved and scared.  How will he adjust?  How do we communicate with the staff, doctors and pharmacy?  How do we negotiate the insurance and legal systems?

Then we connected with Barry Epstein.  He told my Dad to take his time because this was a big adjustment.  Mr. Epstein understood the multiple systems and how to negotiate the complex maze to get my Dad’s needs met.  When an issue came up, Barry addressed it promptly and with respect for those involved.

This was an important and pivotal time for my family.  My family and I are so appreciative of Mr. Epstein’s professionalism and expertise during this new phase of my Dad’s life.  My Father is doing so well right now.  We couldn’t be happier.”

Connie P. (daughter of retirement community resident)
 “As a professional geriatric care manager, I have had the pleasure of knowing Barry since 2009 when he was the administrator of an assisted living center.  I have had the pleasure of being the care manager for some of the residents at his facility over long periods of time.  I have had direct contact and observed how he responded to residents and families questions and concerns.  Not only did he handle these with professionalism and kindness, he went above and beyond to ensure that his residents were getting the utmost care and comfort.  He is an innovative thinker and a problem solver.  I have no doubt that Barry will serve his future clients with the same care, concern, and creativity he is known for.”
Lori C. RN (geriatric care manager)

Barry Epstein as a mediator

 “My experiences with Barry have always been positive and rewarding.  He is respectful of the parties’ opinions and emotional involvement…Rather than allowing a party to become entrenched in any position, or feeling harmed by the process of negotiation, he is effective in bringing an amicable resolution in a professional atmosphere.”
Defense Attorney
“It was a distinct pleasure working with you for the first time in the resolution of this most interesting case, and I look forward to working with you again.  You are a superb mediator!”
Plantiff's Attorney